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The time has come! It is time to Control ...time to be a Leader...

A prisoner in jail is under the full control of securities and rules, all gates to outside, freedom and beauty of the world are closed to them.

99% of the world’s population is a prisoner of their Own Mind; they are controlled by TV, NEWS and advertising...


STOP IT NOW! Open the gates holding Your Mind and start using Power of Your Mind!

Don’t do what others desire. Do what you desire.

What would you like to change?

  • Lose Weight Quickly and Stop Smoking.
  • Relive Tension and Anxiety.
  • Establish better Relationships with Your Children and Your Family.
  • Become a Better Salesman.
  • Make More Money and Become More Successful.
  • Achieve Sexual Fulfillment without the use of Drugs or Blue Pill.
  • Predict Event outcomes with Absolute certainty.

It Is Not Magic, It Is Not Luck. Your Subconscious Mind Is Powerful
And It Controls Your Destiny!

We all trust the voice in our head because it’s our own voice.

What if you could install your voice in someone else’s head so they would trust your voice as much as they trust their own?

  • Predict events with absolute confidence.
  • Predict, and also control coming events.
  • Control the thoughts of others.
  • Make rivals and competitors in business helpless.
  • Understand unconscious Communication.
  • Sell your ideas and product with the help of hypnosis.
  • Learn the two magic hypnotic words.
  • Learn how to give Hidden commands.
  • Use the power of your mind.
  • Learn 36 powerful phrases.

Men: Solve erectile problems
Women: Increase sexual desires.

Now you will have invisible weapons for victory in politics, business, office wars, the university, on the street and in your personal life!
In fact, this course should be marked "Confidential".

Most people secretly want to gain dominance over others. However, almost all of them believe that their dream is absolutely unattainable.

And yet it is not so ... Your sacred dream can be fulfilled in the near future. Soon you will be able to demonstrate your new power and try it on others.

You ask how? The answer is simple: You will be able to manage people with hidden hypnotic commands and no one will ever hear what you say to them.

Far- more! When you use these methods, you will understand that they can help you easily control five, ten or even hundreds of people! You will be able to secretly dictate to the whole crowd.

And again, the whole crowd will respond IMMEDIATELY AND WITH PLEASURE TO MEET YOUR ORDERS!

You control your personal life. Get unlimited love from someone about whom you have dreamed for a long time.


  1. If you are in the sales business, then your hidden hypnotic effect will cause potential buyers to reach into their pockets for credit cards and cash. They simply will not be able to say no to you,
    or to themselves, and will buy the product on you terms.

  2. All your comments and suggestions you make during business meetings will delight all of your colleagues around the office and make everyone immediately start implementing them as if you were the boss!

  3. If you are in school, you will have no difficulty solving all of your problems with teachers and classmates.

  4. In your personal life ... You will get all - the attention, sympathy and trust as well as be able to have sex with any woman you like.

  5. In whatever society you exist in, you will radiate authority and force others to obey you. Your power will be unlimited. All of your commands will be unconditionally fulfilled by everyone in the shortest amount of time possible!


Make any person think, feel and act in full accordance with your terms! This is not a miracle!

You will have an almost psychic ability to manipulate others.

Your verbal commands will sound completely natural, without causing any suspicions in the person. He, or she, is not proficient in this methodology and will see absolutely nothing wrong. You will be able to secretly give them their programming.

Simply put, you will be able to control and rule over people through your speech, which will contain hidden hypnotic commands.

Hypnotic vocal techniques are carefully chosen words and phrases designed to makes your companion take pre-programmed commands and act in full accordance with them without the slightest resistance to them.

You will get ready templates of hypnotic phrases that can be used for hidden effects on the person.

And all that you need to do is simply insert your own words in those templates. It's really very simple!

Use them during telephone conversations, in personal relationships, and even in writing including electronic communications.

Below is just a small part of what you get when you, mastered this course:

You will gain the ability to control the minds and souls of others. You will be able to covertly convince anyone of anything and use it to your advantage!

You will gain the ability to predict any future events with absolute precision, such as business negotiations, presentations, amorous intrigue, and even telephone calls. Such skills can bring you material goods, unprecedented universal love, acceptance, respect, and if necessary, fear from others.

You will have the ability to not only predict - but control the future with absolute precision, Business, career advancement, education, advances in the field of sexual and family life. You can control the recognition, financial health, sexual relationship, and authority you experience.

You will gain the ability to see things that lie outside the consciousness of ordinary people, Observe the weaknesses of others. Enjoy your new advantage!

You will have full and permanent access to all possible social privileges.

You will gain the ability to find the answer to the 6 key issues that determine the success of hypnotic Business proposals. Use hypnotic techniques to increase sales on television, radio, online, and through personal contact with a potential buyer. Make competitors envy you!

You will have the ability to create weaknesses in the minds of the person. The failures that can stop a man on the spot will fill his mind and imagination and secretly hypnotizes him.

You will have the to give any word  the power of persuasion and force others to agree with you, Make them all take your point of view and agree with it.

You will have the ability to saturate your speech secret codes, and stimulate the interest of listeners...

Potential partners simply cannot resist the temptation to sign your contract, and customers cannot resist the temptation - to buy your products.

The key to understanding is effectively delivered at the command of the addressee.

This is 2300-year-old method for the mind control of others when you learn this ancient secret, your ability to influence the thinking of other people will rise to unprecedented heights.

We’ll teach you the ability accelerate the progress of actions committed by a person under your influence.



Tempt new sexual partners, men or women, within minutes.

You’ll have the ability to prepare a text containing an attractive message, that makes your companion obey your commands. You’ll receive templates for such a text in this course.

You’ll gain the ability to use the hypnotic techniques of speech in electronic communications to influence the recipient, whether it is business correspondence, communication or just a dating site!

Use unique templates for creating hypnotic text and get exactly what you need!

We’ll teach you to manage the power of the hypnotic in your voice and its potential to be psychologically fascinating. Make a proposal which immediately convinces people. The level of your influence will be just beyond their reach!

You’ll have a supernatural ability to force your opponents to change their point of view to its absolute opposite - without any effort on your part.

You’ll get the ability to read the thoughts and feelings of your interlocutor, and if necessary, to change their mood.

We’ll teach you the ability to inspire imagination and dreams, and to program ideas, feelings and thoughts into people around you without words...

You’ll posses a unique step by step method of capturing the consciousness and feelings of a human object and the ability to inspire any desired commands on the subconscious level.
This is the basic formula of the course, which is an effective form of hypnosis.

The ability to compel people to tell you all the information you need, talk about what they think directly, and use that information for your specific goals.

And not only that!

Use this unique technique of latent impact at home, at work, at school, in clubs, or wherever you want to use them! The technique Secretly and silently subordinates anyone, anytime and anywhere!

The ability to fix and control your personal life is in your hand, between you and your spouse, between you and your children.

The practice of our customers has proven that the method is effective from the first days of use.

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Frank Bush 31, Jacksonville, FL

I have only recently begun to expend into “hidden commands”… and guess what came of it? All 6 people, on whom I tested the effect of these phrases, obey me; I was never popular employee in my department, mainly because I didn’t know what and how to speak, so now, I am more than satisfied with the results. Thank you for this great system!


Lopez Braulio 26, Newport, United Kingdom

The total amount of money that I spent on purchasing information guiding how to have an impact on people and how to use power of the mind exceeded several hundred dollars. So far, your course the most beneficial and perhaps the only good program of all my purchases, I cannot stop admiring how easy it is to read, understand and simply use these methods. It is truly all genius! I really appreciate it.


Scott Hale 37, South Africa

My sales went up more then 65 percent by using the system of Hidden commands and some patterns. It has become easy for me seduce girls online. Thanks a lot, Roman.


Tommy Sheridan 44, Salt Lake City, UT

I’ll be very briefly. My boss respects me more than ever. I got a raise and a promotion. No more arguments from my wife. Wow.


Ramon Diaz 29, Guiseley, United Kingdom

I just couldn’t believe that all of this secret information is so easy to use. Now I understand why secret services use this system. I think every person who can talk and think must use these systems for their own benefits. Thank you for making this secret system affordable for everyone.


David Clyne 47, Newark, NJ

I have two beautiful girls ages 16 and 19; I was thinking that I was losing them. It was impossible to even talk to them. My friend advised me to get copy of your system. Thank you very much I got my girls back only a week after I studied 3 lessons. Now we are a lovely and friendly family again. This system is revolutionary.



What will you get?

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In this difficult time every man and woman around the globe are affected by financial crisis! There is no single family that hasn’t gotten hurt. (Some lost their jobs or, their houses and some don’t even have bread to put on the table). However many people are still blind and waiting for miracles.
Most people think that the government must support them and are comfortable with that. Many people are, also afraid to make changes in their lives, because they are not educated enough, don’t know where to go in order to learn or don’t know where to start.

Governments and financial institutes looking for their way to survive, and making mistake after mistake, people panics but only you can help yourself if you know what to do.

Money makes people rich and makes people poor. Depend how you look at the money, how you understand the money.

Money could be a terrible Boss which would drive you crazy and make you work for them and serve them. Money could be a wonderful servant which works for you and brings happiness to your life.

I’m not promising you to make you rich; I’m not giving you any tricks or magic words or magic button. In this course I will show you how to understand money, how to make them, how to save them and how to manage them.

To understand how financial world works, how not to work for the money but how to make money work for you, how to be best financial driver, grow from poor to middle class and to wealthy life. What all of us dreaming and wishing and praying, but not everyone get it.

To have knowledge about finance (credit cards, loans, mortgages, business, corporate and tax laws) together with power of your mind, with power of your desire you can bring and make a lot of money and become financially independent.

    • You will understand what is the money?
    • There is Good debt and Bad debt.
    • We will show you way out from Bad debt.
    • Free form debt Free from Slavery!
    • How to spend money Smart and become Successful?
    • The Beauty of Budgeting
    • Everyone is blesses to be rich!  You are blessed to be rich!

You making $75K- $150K a year, and you consider yourself wealthy middle class. But you are not, because you live your life from pay check to pay check.

STOP! Time to change Your Life! You can change it. Everything in Your Hand! Start from today. Don’t put for tomorrow. It is not Late, but one day It Could be Very Late.

Credit cards are driving the majority of users to Debt Hall, a tunnel with no light on the other side. (SLAVERY).

You should be able to know freedom from debt and avoid all the misfortunes that debt can bring. You should have a healthy, enjoyable, long and successful life. For freedom from debt is the freedom to live!

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